(Note: Full panel details forthcoming. Stay tuned!)

Friday, March 23

1:00-1:45     Rare Book School Tour (Meet at Alderman Library, Room 114)

1:00-3:00     Conference Registration, Meet-and-Greet, Snacks (Monroe Courtyard; Rain Site Monroe Lobby)

2:15-3:30     Panels

A1 (Monroe 122): “Eager Imaginings: Female Authors and Narrative  Hegemony”

Maayan Ornath (UVA): “Gender Power Struggle in Eliza Haywood’s Fantomina

Nathan Frank (UVA): “I, Theorist: Accrediting the ‘Wild Imagination’ of Northanger Abbey

Eva Hoenigess (UVA): “Stories that Matter: Condé’s Victoire My Mother’s Mother as Feminist Narratology”

A2 (Monroe 124): “Sense of Sight: Visuals and Their Importance”

Julianne McCobin (UVA): “Puzzle Poesis: Teaching Modern Poetry Word by Word”

Madeline Zehnder (UVA): “Washington Irving and the Souvenir Imagination”

Kathryn Webb-DeStefano (UVA): “‘Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots?’ East Asian aesthetics and the transnational hybridity of Goblin Market

3:45-5:00     Panels

B1 (Monroe 122): “Symbols and Confession in the Nineteenth Century” 

Elanna Bellows (UVA): “Why Raftery Must Die: Horses, Masculinity and the Patriarchal Landed Estate in The Well of Loneliness

Tom Berenato (UVA): “Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Objective Confession”

Nicholas Laurisden (UVA): “Confession and Alchemical Drama in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

(Dinner on your own– for suggestions try the Charlottesville 29)

8:00              Bar night at Champion Brewing (324 6th St SE)

Saturday, March 24

Light Breakfast in Monroe Courtyard (Rain Site: Monroe Lobby)

9:00-10:15    Panels

C1 (Monroe 122): “Global Heroines, Past and Present: Feminists, Environmentalists, and Warriors”

Rachel Newman (UVA): “‘What will become of Emma?’: Narrative Control and Resistance in Jane Austen’s Emma

Christine Campbell (UVA): “‘Faithfully and Uncritically, There’: Male Self-Discovery and the Feminine Burden of Care in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest

Angeline Nies-Berger (Villanova): “‘Come all ye…’ along with Maxine Hong Kingston on her personal exploration of ‘truth’ in The Woman Warrior

10:30-11:45   Panels

D1 (Monroe 122): “Religious Narratives, Figures, and Places” 

Naveen Zehra Zaidi (UPenn): “The Imam Resides in the Bermuda Triangle: Examining a Shi’ite Narrative”

Derrill Hagood (UVA): “Seth and the Holy Rood: Narrative Connections in the Medieval Popular Bible”

D2 (Monroe 124): “National and Non-National Self-Identifications” 

Brynn Fitzsimmons (University of Missouri–Kansas City): “Rulers in Exile: A Narratological Comparison of Exile as Setting in Oedipus at Colonus and King Lear

Yunting Gu (UVA): “Identity and Self-Reference in Mandarin”

Evan Cheney (UVA): “‘A pasport for us both in fittest wize:’ Documentary Prosopopoeia, Forged Character, and ‘Free Libertie’ in Spenser’s Prosopopoia, Or Mother Hubberd’s Tale

12:00-1:15     Lunch (Monroe Courtyard; Rain Site Monroe Lobby)

**Lunch Discussion Participants go to Bowers Library in Bryan Hall**

1:30-2:45       Panels

E1 (Monroe 122): “Story Beyond Text: Film and Graphic Narrative” 

Victoria Tovig (UVA): “‘A voice of a generation,’ or How Girls Never Strived to be the Voice of Our Generation After All”

Madeleine Saidenberg (Trinity College, Dublin): “Critical Intimacy and Irish Critiques: Martin McDonagh and the Art of Theatrical Free Indirect Discourse”

Lea Thomassen (UVA): “Narrative Embodied: Exploring Layers of Narration in Chris Ware’s Building Stories

E2 (Monroe 124): “Postcolonial Narrative: Dis/Re-location in Space and Time”

Brian Borosky (Villanova): “‘Clarity and Respect’: George Oppen’s Poetics of Cultural Memory”

Daniel Zimmerman (UVA): “Narrative and the Problem of Time: Coetzee’s Diary of a Bad Year

Nicole Story (UVA): “Refuge for the Old Girl: Narrative Understandings of Corazon Aquino”

3:00-4:15      Panels

F1 (Monroe 122): “Further Fragmentation: Contemporary Issues of Voice and Linearity”

Courtney Campbell (Columbia): “Virgin, Witch, Crone: Crafting Female Narratives to Challenge the Traditional in Novel, Story and Song”

Andrew Michael (UVA): “Oscillations of Form in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

Ryan Kerr (UVA): “Fragmented Narrative and Postmodern Alienation in the Opening of Infinite Jest

F2 (Monroe 124): “Exploring Eros and Queer Narrative” 

Wyatt Sarafin (NYU): “Embodying Interruption: Plato’s Eryximachus, Late Victorian Aesthetics, and the Role of the Minor Character”

Jamie Hayes (Boston College): “‘The Want of You’: Coded Lesbian Desire in the Poetry of Amy Lowell and Angelina Weld Grimké”

4:30              Keynote Address (Monroe 130): Professor Herbert Tucker, “Verse Visa:

Dickens Adapts Poetry in The Old Curiosity Shop

6:00               Reception (Monroe Courtyard; Rain Site Monroe Lobby)